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BeijingGrand AgroChem Co., Ltd., affiliated to China National Chemical Corporation, isa high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production,sales and technical service of the agricultural additives.

GrandAgroChem can produce agricultural dispersant, wetting agent, spray synergist,defoamer, preservative, emetic agent, green solvent and other additivesproducts, and the processing technology of water dispersible granules,suspending agent, seed coating agent, water emulsion, microemulsion,microcapsule suspension agent, film coating agent and other additives forms, aswell as providing the special synergist for the aerial pesticide spray andunified prevention to promote scientific use of pesticide and achieve the pestcontrol by the pesticide reduction.

GrandAgroChem is the host unit for the subject of "Development and Applicationof the Agricultural Additives" which is the national science andtechnology support plan of the "Eleventh Five-year" and "TwelfthFive-year" plan, and the undertaking unit for the national key researchand development project of the "Thirteenth Five-year" plan, whichparticipates in and undertakes many pesticide synergist-related projects of theMinistry of Science and Technology. Grand AgroChem is the first agriculturaladditives unit to achieve the patent registration of the plant source spraysynergist and the nationalization of polycarboxylate dispersant. Currently, 20national invention patents have been applied for, among which 11 has beenauthorized. Grand AgroChem won the "Excellence Award of the China ChemicalEngineering Patent" in 2010, won the "First Prize of the China ChemicalScience and Technology Award" in 2012, won the "Second Prize of theTechnology Invention Award of the CPCIF" in 2013, won the "SecondPrize of the 7th China Pesticide Innovation and ContributionAward" in 2014, and won the "Contribution Award of the promotion unitfor the safe and scientific use of pesticide" in 2015.

GrandAgroChem adheres to the business philosophy of "science and technologyinnovation and win-win cooperation", implement the business purpose of"market-oriented, service for agrochemical", takes the"continuing to meet the production demands of the environment protectionadditives and scientific reduction for the use of pesticide" as thetarget, to provide quality additives products and excellent technical solutionsto the customer. Growing together with the customer, Grand AgroChem is tryingto become the leading supplier for the functional surfactants and specialtychemicals in the international pesticide industry.

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